Promo Club Pose Study/Build Mini Contest

Hello and Good Day!! Something that has been implemented by the vArtic Promo Club for it’s members is a series of mini-contests – fun and challenge all rolled up into one! So we’d like to show some entries from the most recent contest, ‘Pose Study and Build’ where the promo artists had to re-create, from scratch (no canned poses or partials allowed!),  a pose from a source picture either as a scene or the pose on it’s own. I have to say, I was quite happy with the results! So, with no further ado, please enjoy a selection of contest entries including the winner, the amazing ESBEE ART!!

  render by Esbee Art – CONTEST WINNER!!
  render by JoJo (vArtic3D Sr. Promo Artist)
  render by rhuebell (vArtic3D Jr. Promo Artist)
  example render by Saidge42

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Vicki Leversedge

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