Good Day, All!! vArtic3D would love to introduce you to a new monthly segment that we will be running with which we are hoping to stir up some buzz and much love for 3D content creators: The vArtic3D Product Showcase! To kick things off, we decided to start out with the nightmare monsters from the very depths of hell, The Creatures of the Abyss (Queen of the Abyss/Lord of the Abyss/Mount of the Abyss). These horrifically wonderful characters are an amazing set by the outstanding content creator JoLab1985 – known for intensely wonderful creations straight out of the fiery dark!! (linked Right Here so you can find them if you want them!!)

Next month’s showcase will also consist of more then just gorgeous artwork, and we hope that you will join us in viewing the awesome additional content which will be available through our newsletter!! Stop by and sign up (it’s free!)! We’d love to see you!! As always, thank you so very much for looking, and we really hope you like it 😀

The vArtic3D Admin Team/contributing artists:
The Artistic Hermit, LyndseyH, and Saidge42
Queen of the Abyss render by The Artistic Hermit
Lord of the Abyss render by Lyndseyh
Mount of the Abyss render by Saidge42

About the Author: Vicki Leversedge

Vicki Leversedge


  1. John 93955
    John 93955 May 25, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Who can join in on this?
    What status do you have to have?

    • Vicki Leversedge
      Vicki Leversedge May 26, 2021 at 1:28 pm

      Good Day! Thank you so very much for your interest! As for the vArtic3D Product Showcases, this is the beginning of what will be an ongoing monthly series put together by the admin here, and/or Premier Artists, which will include, as mentioned above, more then just artwork in the coming months. Future editions will be completed by admin and any vArtic Premier Artists that wish to volunteer 🙂

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