The Host: Specimen 1 for Daz Studio

vArtic3D Promo Club Campaign Event

Click HERE for Specimen 1!!

Good Day, All!!  Through our Promo Club campaign event, vArtic3D would love to introduce you to the newly updated product, “The Host: Specimen 1 for Daz Studio”.  This horrifically gruesome creature is part of the Specimen series and is now updated to work with G3F/G3M and G8.1F/G8.1M, expanding character inspiration and nightmare creation (frightfully perfect for the vArtic3D Ghoulsome Hallowe’en Contest – on now!!).  Created by the oh-so talented Sixus1, Specimen 1 is now available (linked above!).  As always, we thank you so very much for looking, and we hope you enjoy the scary renders by our wonderful Promo Club artists!!

Ghoulsome Hallowe’en Contest!!

  render by LyndseyH (vArtic3D Premier Promo Artist)
  render by JoJo  (vArtic3D Sr. Promo Artist)
  render by Saidge42  (vArtic3D Premier Promo Artist)
   render by The Artistic Hermit  (vArtic3D Premier Artist)
  render by LyndseyH  (vArtic3D Premier Artist)
  render by rhuebell  (vArtic3D Jr. Promo Artist)
  render by Saidge42  (vArtic3D Premier Artist)

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