Huh,Yea, what are they good for?

A whole lot of somethin’!

(Singing to the tune of War by Edwin Starr)

So, you’ve got yourself a not so shiny new shader set at Daz called FSL Filthy Dirty Iray Shaders, and you want to take it for a spin.

You install them, fire up Daz, and load in an arch wall and floor section from Archaic Ruins to play with.

You’ve got your item selected, you click on your shader and …. nothing. What the heck?!

Is it broken? Did I install it wrong? I used my DIM. Why won’t it work?

You click, click, click again as if doing it multiple times with force it into submission lol.

Ok, take a deep breath and look for your Surfaces tab.

It looks like this

Then make sure you select the surface that you want to apply the shader too.

In this case, I’m selecting the wall arch and pillar surfaces on the arch wall. I want them to look a little mossy compared to the rest of the wall. So now I’m gonna apply my shader to each one.

Look at the difference!

You can personalize your content with a simple click of a button.

You can apply a shader to ANY surface, from cloth to skin, and get a whole new look.

That’s it for shaders. If you’d like more in-depth instruction on shaders, consider contacting us for 30 minutes of our undivided attention. See ya next time!

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Artistic Hermit
Hi there! I'm Lisa - The Artistic Hermit. I live way up north in frosty Alaska. love to spend my long winters playing in Daz. I'm available for promo work & product testing.

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