• You get up to a maximum of 6 images (8 if deluxe), you can select any artist from our promo pool to work on your product -you also get 1 Premier Promo Artist free!
  • We inspect each one for quality, look at focus on your product, lighting, proper use of camera, technical errors, in short, anything that impacts on showing it to its best advantage.
  • No image gets published until it’s as close to perfect as we can get it and you have the final say – don’t like it, we won’t post it!
  • We publish pre-launch images on all of our social pages, interest groups and the galleries of the main 3D content providers to generate a buzz for your launch!
    • Here it is! Product launched on the home page banner of vArtic3D
    • Read All About It! Blog launched on the vArtic3D website, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook page
    • Don’t Miss it! The complete album is shared with product link in all interest groups
    We’ve invested in technology to monitor interest in the products and sales for our vendors.
    This means we can analyze the best place to post, what works well and what doesn’t, and how many sales we’ve generated with your campaign.