Some say the eyes are windows to the soul and giving them the attention that they deserve can really bring your character to life!

The materials used here are Merchant Resources, otherwise known as MRs. What the heck is an MR? Where do we find them? . A merchant resource is content created by an artist with the idea that another artist might like to use it to create a product for resale. You can buy them at sites like Renderosity, Daz, and a plethora of others. Even though they were created for commercial use, anyone can put these babies to work. Why would you want to? Customize your art! I don’t usually use a product “out of the box,” so to speak. I like to put my own spin on things. Give it that personal touch. Make it unique! MRs are a perfect way to do that.

Transform your renders!

Lashes Utilities Merchant Resource for Genesis 9 by Soto

In this image, we wanna chat about these Lashes. They are BANGIN’!

Just look at how lush and lovely they are! They just draw you right in. What a great asset! You just turn off your g9 lashes and add these instead. Easy peasy. This set gives you more control over color, shape, length etc. I cant say enough good things about them.

Just run on over and grab them

Twizted MakeUp MR Bundle for Genesis 9

Natural Eyes 9 Merchant Resource for Genesis 9

That about wraps it up this time peeps. If you don’t have any merchant resources, these are some great ones to start with. If you are an MR hoarder like me, its time to dust them off and put them to use! If you aren’t already there, consider joining us at Once you do, I will shoot you a link to join us at The Learning Curve on discord.

It’s FREE, Its FUN, and best of all NO PRESSURE!

See ya there!