Post Work

Transform your renders!

Want to take your renders and take them to the next level? That’s where postwork comes in. There are a lot of tools out there, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editor, and probably the most popular tool for image editing, but if that’s too much of a dip in your pocket, DxO and Corel Photo Paint are also great editing tools along with Gimp which is free! This article focusses on Photoshop as it’s incredibly flexible and allows you to create your own actions, presets, overlays and brushes amongst other things, and If that’s not your thing, you can buy high-quality products, ready-made, from most digital art stores including DAZ and Rendersity. To show you what you might achieve from Post Work editing, our campaign artists have created some art for your from original renders using “Sand Brushes” from the incredible Deviney store over at DAZ. Use the sliders to see the difference!

If you’re looking for some sand to make your render feel gritty enough to make you itch? Look no further, and if you need something a little bit grunge, or a little misty, dusty or powdery, the tools provided in this comprehensive PS addon, “Ron’s Sand” are so incredibly versatile you’ll find it becomes a regular go-to in your PhotoShop postwork!

Deviney’s store has an enormous range of brushes and presets and the quality is second-to-none, “Ron’s Sand” is an easy and powerful to bring your renders up to a whole new”gritty” level!

Use layer styles and opacity levels in Photoshop to create the look, look at how much energy you can create in an image with post work.

Using tools like Topaz GigaPixel also means you can quickly scale up with minimum loss of quality if you need to

This particular product contains:-


  • 49 Adobe Sand Color Swatches (.ASE)
  • 12 Background / Overlays Horizontal 7360px X 4912px @ 300ppi (.JPEG)
  • 12 Background / Overlays Vertical 4912px X 7360px @ 300ppi (.JPEG)
  • 16 Adobe Photoshop Sand layer Styles (.ASL)
  • 24 Texture Maps (7360 x 4912 to 4912 x x 7360)


Here are some more examples of how to use them. These images are using a mixture of brushes, overlay and layer style to create stylish effects....

PhotoShop brushes, backgrounds, overlays and layer styles will give your manipulations and renders the most amazing results and effects that you could hope for!

Sand is just one of many created by the one-and-only Deviney. As always, we thank you so very much for looking, and we hope that you enjoy the wonderful renders (both before and after shots!) by our campaign artists.