vArtic3D Artist

Welcome to my page

Hello one and all! I have been working in 3D for several years now, by first getting my feet wet with 3D content promotional art for which I have produced 1500+ pieces of promo work alone. Then and now I spend more hours then I can count bound to my computer enhancing my digital skills and growing an online following in places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation, deviantART, and the Renderosity and Daz Studio galleries.

My Work Bio…

  • 6 years full time promotional art.
  • Featured cover and artist of the month in DS Creative Magazine
  • Featured Daz3D banner artwork, store sale artwork and Daz Studio front page
  • Artwork used by the television show Ghost Adventures
  • Additional promotional work done for ImagineX, Deviney, MortemVetus, Rhiannon, Dreamlight, and Disciple3d but to name a few

I live to learn, and through that, my world is never small and always interesting. That’s what brings my drive and vision to my work, and hopefully to your projects.



Featured Piece: Pe Ye-Won
Promo Subject: Pu Ye-Won for G8F by Warloc
Received over 25,000 views within the first few days of posting


Featured Piece: please forgive…
created for large Daz3D competition and spent 2 weeks on the Daz banner
(thousands of views)

Dark Art

Featured Piece: snackies
Created for a vartic3D “After Hours” campaign for the The Row House
(2 weeks on the Daz banner and thousands of views)

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