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Senior Campaign Artist

Welcome To My Page

I have worked as a promo artist and tester for many well-known vendors, and have an extensive followings at popular art sites like DeviantArt, Renderosity, Facebook, and twitter.I began my 3D path in 2012 when Genesis hit the scene. Prior to that, I was a stock photographer. I litterally went nowhere without my camera bag. I shot everything from landscapes, macro, and models. Living in Alaska, there was never a lack of things to shoot!

My Work …

  • Promo Artist for Daz Originals
  • Former manager and promo artist at SympaticoStudio
  • Nominated for Renderosity artist of the month
  • Featured on popular sites like Renderosity and Daz3D on numerous occasions.
  • Published in Twisted Image Magazine
  • Published on a plethorah of occasions at Sympatico Studio
  • Commissioned by multiple Daz3D Content creators for artistic store promos

I strive to ensure my work reaches a wide variety because getting your fantastic product to the masses is my top priority.



Promo subject: Tospy. Event project for DAZ3D


Promo subject: Drurherson event project for DAZ3D


Promo Subject: Kjaer Promotional image for Daz3D

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Magic Potions

July 26th, 2023|0 Comments

Magic Potions (content creator: Feng) FIND THE POTION BOTTLES HERE!! Hello and Good Day!!  Through our current product campaign event, vArtic3D would love to introduce you to the content creation, "Magic Potions".  These absolutely [...]