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Premier Promo Artist

Welcome to my page

 I live on the west side coast of Norway.
Ive adventured with journalism,  viking re-enactment, music, photography, advertisement promo images, traditional and digital painting.
Inside me is also some kind of duality and my soul cannot reject dark and sci fi themes.

My Work …

  • Promo Artist for Elite 3D
  • Promo artist for 3DX
  • Promo Artist for DAZ3d
  • Collaborated with with Double Trouble where I was responsible for making Avatar of Billie Ellish in Zbrush, poses and renders.
  • December 2017 Artist of The Month at Renderosity
  • Viewbug- render portrait of Russel got : Judge Favorite, Top Shot Award, Community Choice Award, 2020 Choice Award, 9Teen Award and Hero Award
  • Several times Grand Prix, First place at Fantasy Attic Forum
  • 4 Images featured on top Daz Gallery( on October 2020), render Eleonor was presented as banner for historical clothing at Daz
  • Daz Studio submitted images has been selected for the Staff Pick of the week at Renderosity several times
  • Free artwork  used by OSR Solo, Александр Колбенев(russian writer), Zahady Zivota -czech magazine about Druids.
  • Photomanipulation used as video banners by several artist on YouTube
  • Artwork presented by FilterForge on Facebook

I like to show people some kind of spirituality and bring them positive thoughts, magic, joy and uplifting moods..



Featured Image : Sten Portrait. Detail acheived with strong attention paid to materials and lighting to achieve both detail and mood

Fantasy and Character Art

Featured Image: Winter Fairy
Emphasis on fantasy elements and expression using a careful mixture of products to achieve the right effect

Historical Clothing

Featured Image: The Varangian Way
Using photorealistic style and strong lighting/colouts to emphasise the superbly detailed textures.

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