Greetings, All!!  vArtic3D would love to introduce you to an out-of-this world new character, “Ilary The Time Traveler for Genesis 8 Female”, by the always awesome Quiverlynx.  She will certainly add to your runtime, and oh! did I mention?!? She comes with two body suits, and boots and gloves, as well!!  Ilary is now available in the vArtic3D store.  Enjoy the beautiful artwork from our Premier Promo Club, and a very Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

Ilary The Time Traveler For Genesis 8 Female – vArtic3D

by The Artistic Hermit

by Marc’s Art

by deathbycanon

by Artienne

by Lyndsey H

by Saidge42

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Vicki Leversedge

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