And that is exactly what 2020 feels like so far!

  • We’ve got a pandemic.
  • We’ve got riots and civil unrest.
  • We’ve suffered loss.

Art keeps me sane on the crazy train we call life.

This site is an extension of that. Lyndsey and I started working on this site a few months ago for someone else. They declined to use it, and we couldn’t let it go. So we decided to use it ourselves lol. We hope you enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you! We’re not going anywhere, so come on in and join the party lol.

BTW, the background in my image is a freebie, go find it! lol

About the Author: The Artistic Hermit

Artistic Hermit
Hi there! I'm Lisa - The Artistic Hermit. I live way up north in frosty Alaska. love to spend my long winters playing in Daz. I'm available for promo work & product testing.

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