Hey everyone, I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

This month, we chose “Stealing The Light” for our How’s It Hangin’ featured image. The talented Jaye Paulman created it! Some of you may know her as MidnightStar117 on DeviantArt. She started art in the early 90s and received her diploma in graphic arts in 1995 from the Bradford School in Pitsburg, PA. She picked up Daz Studio to relax and let her creativity flow. Now she does fan art and creates images to go along with her writing, “A Light In The Darkness” and “As Darkness Binds“. In the future, her goal is to start a business with her work at MidnightStar Arts. You can see more of her work and her literature at MidnightStar117. Go check her out! 
Join us at The Learning Curve, upload your art to the gallery and YOU could be featured next month! Until then, keep on creating!


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Lisa Wingo