..That vArtic3D is unlike any other promo club you might use

We have a mission statement, and that is to drive as much traffic as is humanly possible to your product. You may ask why that makes us different – doesn’t every promo club do that? Not really! Maximizing product sales and exposing you to your target market does not happen by accident. The vartic3d senior team meets every week to analyze the insights into our campaigns and fine-tune our strategic approach. We know when where and what to post to increase your exposures and our figures speak for themselves!

..That you can SAVE money utilising our Vendor Club services

Check this out! Say you have a product priced at 17.90 and you gave it to a free promo group on Facebook with 20 members (who are also potential customers btw). This could have cost you $358 in sales! You are handing it to every member of their group whether they make a promo for you or not. Let me be blunt, EVERY ARTIST in those groups can download your files! It’s happening all the time.

At vArtic3D, the security of your product is important to us. Only those who are contributing to your product campaign will receive a link to your files.

..That Image quality is a deal-breaker for us!

Have you ever really looked at the quality of the images that free promo groups put out? We do! We see hair poking into shoulders, poke through on clothing, body parts poking through other body parts, hair, clothing, props etc. We see feet above the floor or even in it and yes, sometimes even dForce items that have not been simulated! poorly lit images, out-of-focus images, the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ALL promo images are bad, some are great, however, our data insights tell us consistency is key! These images represent YOUR PRODUCT. The thing is you shouldn’t have to accept anything less than the best quality, and inconsistent images not only affect your sales, they can also actually put people off your product!

At vArtic3D, all our images are checked by our team for everything above and more! If they can’t fix it, it doesn’t go into your campaign, it goes in the bin! Once it passes our inspection, then and only then will it come to you, and if you don’t like it, we won’t show it!

What It All Boils Down to Is….

One product sale will more than cover your Vendor Club fees. You get peace of mind knowing that your product files are secure. You get CONTROL. And you get QUALITY. Oh, did I mention that you are welcome to use our images in your store?? It’s a win-win all the way around!

Give us a try, you won’t regret it!

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Lisa Wingo

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