On September 12th 2020 I received my 5th Daily Deviation on Deviantart, but it was my very 1st one for a 3d artwork. I had received 2 on my stock photography account…for stock photography. 🙂 I had received one for a pet portrait, and one for a photo composite on my main DA account, but never for 3d artwork, which I have been doing since 2017. And even though DA isn’t what it once was…where a DD would flood your comments and boost your watchers by the hundreds, it was still a great honor to be chosen. I don’t think 3d gets the same love that traditional art, digital painting and photography do. I get the “well you didn’t make the whole thing” comments once and awhile. I was a professional photographer for 10 years, and never once did anyone ask me if I birthed the models, sewed their clothing, and built the world they were standing in.  So this attitude boggles my mind.

About the Author: Deanna Cathcart

Deanna Cathcart
Once upon a time I was a very successful portrait photographer. Then illness struck and doctors told me I had to stop working. I had to start "social distancing" 10 years before the rest of the world. 🙂 I pouted for a while and had a hard time finding an outlet for my creative spirit. Then I found Daz Studio, it's like the whole world, including my portrait studio, all inside a tiny box that sits under my desk.

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