As a Vendor Club member, you get free unlimited access to promo campaigns.

What makes our campaigns stand out from those free Facebook promo groups?

I’m so glad you asked! Firstly, your product is only given to YOUR promo artists.

It’s not held in a dropbox folder for 20 other artists to download at will. I mean, promo artists are customers too, right?!

The big kicker are the product campaigns. In the Facebook groups, the album is launched and that’s about it. Here’s how we do it…..

Step 1- Up to a maximum of 6 images (8 if deluxe). If you wish, you can select any artist from our promo pool to work on your product. If you dont want to choose, we will be happy to assign them for you. You also get 1 Premier Promo Artist of your choice free. We inspect each one for quality, look at focus on your product, lighting, proper use of camera, technical errors, in short, anything that impacts showing it to its best advantage. No image gets published until it’s as close to perfect as we can get it and you have the final say – don’t like it, we won’t post it!

Step 2- If you send the product prelaunch, we will publish pre-launch images on all our social pages, interest groups and the galleries of the main 3D content providers to generate a buzz for your launch! Whether its prelaunch or post, each artist is given a consecutive date to post their image along with your product link, thus driving more traffic to your store.


Here it is! Product launched on the home page banner of vArtic3D

Read All About It! Blog launched on the vArtic3D website, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and our Facebook page

Don’t Miss it! The complete album is shared with product link in all interest groups


We’ve invested in technology to monitor interest in the products and sales for our vendors. This means we can analyze the best place to post, what works well and what doesn’t, and how many sales we’ve generated with your campaign.


Harness your customers as your own personal advertising team! Transform them into raving fans so they will continue to showcase your product by posting their artwork all over the web. How?  With a Premium Campaign, we can….

Run a competition using your product

Create a tutorial for you to include with your product*

Host an event especially for your product*

Step 6- The campaign forum is there so we can use all of the tools on our site to review and improve our campaigns so they get better and better. Have your say in our development!

This truly is a club that pays for itself!

Still on the fence?

Try a complementary Campaign! Just go to and sign up as a basic member. Then email us at add FREE CAMPAIGN in the subject line. Make sure to add your store links, a link to your zip file, and (if you have one) your preference for artists. Up to 5 of our promo artists and 1 premier artist.

Ready to sign up and start taking advantage of our campaign services?

First you need to sign up for basic membership to

Second, email us at with JOIN VENDOR CLUB in the subject line.

in the body of the email we need links to your stores, anywhere you sell. We will then get you approved to join. Easy peasy!

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