Some great tips to clear artistic block

It happens to the best of us! Work, family, world events. There are a variety of triggers that cause the dreaded artistic block. Here are a few tips to help you over the hump.


1- Don’t Overthink it!

Getting too in your head about having an artist’s block only makes it worse.

Quit thinking it’s not good enough. Its ART! It’s yours, and it is fabulous.


2-Take a break!

Sometimes a little “me time” is what it takes to change your perspective and open those floodgates.

Binge on some Netfix & popcorn. Play some cards. Write an actual letter, on paper even! Pop it into the mail. The person on the other end will love you for it.


3-Be social.

Whether it’s an online chat with your bestie, or a night out on the town with a whole group of them.

It can open your mind to new inspiration.


4-Clean your workspace

All that clutter on or around your desk got you down? Are the dust bunnies behind your monitor causing your allergies to flare? Break out the dust rag and bin. Either the trash bin, storage bin, or some nice stackable drawers. Anything to help organize & declutter.


5-Read a good book!

There’s always inspiration to be found there. Choose a scene or character and let your imagination run free.


6-For heavens sake, PLAY!

Let your inner child out to have some fun. Build a puzzle, spin yourself silly on the merry-go-round, grab your kiddo, splash on some glitter and don a set of wings and have a picnic at the park. You know you want to!


7-Dig deep into the bowels of your content files!

You know we all do it. We see something and snag it. Toss it into a folder and forget about it. Get in there, dig around. You are sure to find something that makes the light come on.

8-Step out of your comfort zone

It’s like you go on autopilot. Same light set, another fairy, more fantasy. One more sexy barbie in a seductive outfit. How about going rogue! Do something completely off the wall. Nobody would ever expect the fairy queen to toss a cyborg into the mix! Challenging yourself to step out of that little box you’ve put yourself in. It can be one of the most rewarding things!

There you have it. I challenge you to create something strange and unusual. Step off the beaten path and take a walk through your imagination. I truly look forward to seeing what you can do!



About the Author: Lisa Wingo

Lisa Wingo

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